Mobile Online Visionary Education Initiative













What is the purpose of the Mobile
Online Visionary Education Initiative?

The purpose of the Mobile Online Visionary Education (M.O.V.E.) initiative is to create an environment where all students have computer access to resources all the time while on campus. Computers are updated, with the most recent software, so students always have the latest technology.

McMurry on the Move

McMurry is on the move as it prepares students for the 21st century workplace. An education that is value focused encourages critical thinking and a broad background prepares you for an ever changing world. This world increasingly demands more advanced computer skills. The McMurry MOVE program is an integrated part of that preparation.

You on the Move

You are on the move as well. Students today are mobile communicators. The MOVE environment fits that lifestyle. No longer are you required to be holed up in your room to write that paper or do research. You have access to resources anywhere on campus, and the interactive nature of the environment

A MOVE environment will provide you :

- Enriched communication between you and faculty
- Improved communication between you and your fellow students
- Improved learning tool—increase your reflection
- Supports and encourages collaborative work—develop your study group online
- Open up a world of communication and services on your personal tablet computer