Information Services

Whether you realize it or not, “The next two decades may well…elevate the role of higher education in preparing the ‘best and brightest’ and in laying out the blueprint for a better future?”1 With the same speed that the personal computer replaced the typewriter, broadband surpassed dialup, and smart phones replaced traditional cell phones, the internet and associated technologies have become an integral part of lives.

We in the Information Services Department realize that there are only four responses to this fast paced rate of change: “ignore it, resist it, ride it or lead it!”2 We continue to be excited that over 6 years ago, McMurry University's Board of Trustees and President have decided to lead!

For the past six years, the Tablet program has been an important part of the McMurry experience. This initiative is a part of our Mobile Online Visionary Education (MOVE) Program. The original intent of the program was to “level the playing field” so that every student has the “tech tools” to maximize their educational experience. This experience will set the foundation for life long learning.

We recognize that our mandate isn’t just to support the academic mission of the university; but to provide solution driven service rather than task oriented support. In short, we are here to help members of the McMurry family (faculty, staff and students) practice good stewardship over the technology resources that have been entrusted to us.

Freddie Famble
Customer Service Director
Information Services

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