Advantages for Parents and Students

You don’t have to worry about which computer to buy: The number one question Information Services personnel are asked at preview days is what kind of computer should I get? You debate whether to get a less expensive desktop or a more expensive laptop, and what features are most important. The MOVE program ensures every student has a suitable computer.

You aren’t out the expense for the software: Hardware is just part of the expense of buying a computer. While most computers come with the latest operating system, they do not come with the latest or most robust versions of software. Office alone can cost $300-$600, not to mention virus protection software and possibly departmental specific software. It is estimated the retail value of the installed software will be over $900.

Current software will always be provided: New versions of software are released quite often. If the student purchased the computer and the University upgrades to a newer version, the student will have to buy the upgrades to stay current. Since software upgrades will be included with the McMurry supplied computer, the computer will always have the same version as the labs and faculty. All software will come pre-installed and ready to use.

You will be provided current Anti-virus software: Viruses are a major problem on college campuses, particularly in the residence halls. Students at McMurry are required to have virus protection on their computers. However, if the virus definitions are not kept current the computer could still get infected. McMurry receives the latest virus definitions and automatically downloads them to every University owned computer, which includes the tablet computers.

On-campus computer repair and support is available:
It can be a helpless feeling to have a child call from school because their computer is having a problem and you are either miles away or don’t have the knowledge to help. If the computer is still under warranty, it may have to be boxed up and shipped back, or brought home on a weekend for repair. With our certified on-campus repair available, the student would just bring their computer to the M.O.V.E. Student Computer Service Desk located on-campus in the Jay Rollins Library. If it can’t be repaired quickly, loaner computers will be available.

Compatibility with campus wireless network:
There are several standards for wireless networks available. A University supplied computer will guarantee compatibility with the McMurry wireless network, eliminating concerns about installing or configuring hardware.

Quality laptops are provided: There are computers built for consumer/home use and commercial/corporate use computers. Many people lean to the least expensive computer. McMurry researches the laptops and purchase only commercial/corporate use computers for the students. They are built a little more rugged to handle the constant jostling of a corporate traveler or a student backpack. McMurry can also use their volume purchasing power to get more computer-for-the money.

Four-year warranty is included: Many laptops only come with a one-year warranty. The longest standard warranties are 3 years. The M.O.V.E. program will insure coverage for the entire 4 years.