Student Comments


Student Comments:

--"It is by far the coolest and most appealing thing I have used at McM. I looked forward to go to class and using it to enhance my learning."

--"This is an incredible opportunity. I would love to have the ability to have one of these. It would help in class and in the dorms."

--"It really helps to have a personal computer that I can take and use anywhere on campus. It is also very helpful when the AEC is full. It is helpful to be able to type a paper at anytime. "

--"Great technology. Good support team."

--"Loved the way it allowed interaction in class."

--"We used these computers for our entire final in Southern Lit., without the computer in class the project would have been impossible."

--"There is so much more that can be done in class that makes it more interesting."

--"The portability of the tablet and the ensured compatibility with the system led to easy use and more attentive studies."

--"These are great machines. I think these could really improve the quality of education at McM because of the ease of ability to access information and work on projects, anywhere at anytime."

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